Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 5: The Nightmare.......Ends!

OR HAS IT?!?! The struggle to perfect the beard of choice has been a long and arduous road. Has it paid off?! We shall see. The winner to the beard competition will be announced shortly so stay tuned for the ultimate....surprise?

Louis Mousseau
Adam Green

Andrew Coats

Anthony Nisi

Bobby Huth

Chip Lotierzo

Chris Siemasko

Dan Barker

Dave Gallagher

David Sloss

Garrett Shikuma

Hans Dastrup

Jeff Gabor....or......Wes Mandell???

John Donkin

Juan Carlos Navarro

Keith Paciello

Kent Cullotta

Kyle Mohr

Lance Fite

Leif Jeffers

Matt Doble

Melvin Tan

Mike "Rockstar" Walling

Mir Noorata

Nate Wall

Nathan Engelhart

Nick Bruno

Patrick Puhala

Paul Diaz

Pete Paquette

Raymond Ross

Rich Fournier

Ryan Hobbiebrunken

Scott Carroll

Scott Lemmer

Sheldon Kruger

Steven Neary

Stewart "WTF?!" Shaw

Thom Roberts

Tom Saville


Sheldon Kruger said...

I love it!!! I never could have even dreamed up a better last week then this. Those pics are amazing.

Greengo said...


Wes said...

Jeff you are

Kyle said...

Let the judges convene!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What am amazing 5 weeks of itching and wife bitching only to end up with an epic conclusion to it all yesterday! What can we come up with next to top this? Haha!! Ok, my wife didn't really bitch but It rhymed so take it! Great photos Tom and congrats to everyone who played full out!

smann said...

walling, You don't look any different than the last time I saw you. do you?

stebarstudio said...

So this is what an economic downturn does to animators. Who knew?