Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 4: The Nightmare Is Almost Over!

The 4 weeks have been tough....long....and it's getting hairy! Do no's almost over. We have one contestant drop out. The young Mike Thurmeier is out and because of scheduling couldn't take pictures for week 2 and 3. And yes....he is ashamed. Stay tuned next week for the not so interesting finale!!!

Adam Green

Andrew Coats

Bobby Huth

Chip Lotierzo

Chris Siemasko

Dan Barker

Dave Gallagher

David Sloss

Garrett Shikuma

Hans Dastrup

Jeff Gabor

Jim Bresnahan

Joe Antonuccio

Lance Fite

Kyle Mohr

Kent Culotta

Keith Paciello

Juan Carlos Navarro

Leif Jeffers

Louis Mousseau

Matt Doble

Melvin Tan

Mike Walling

Nate Wall

Nathan Engelhart

Nick Bruno

Patrick Puhala

Paul Diaz

Pete Paquette

Rich Fournier

Ryan Hobbiebrunken

Scott Carroll

Scott Lemmer

Sheldon Kruger

Stephen Neary

Stewart Shaw

Thom Roberts

Tom Saville