Monday, November 3, 2008

Week 2: The Nightmare Is...Still....Going!

You thought you were thought you could escape the sheer ridicularity of the current Dude Challenge. You were wrong...DEAD WRONG! This week features one new contestant and one has fallen. The new contestant, John Donkin, and the fallen, Greg Rizzi. Please, if you see him, make fun of his freshly shaven face. Remember, go out and vote...our Dude's need you.

Rich Fournier

Nathan Wall

Juan Carlos Navarro

Dave Gallagher

Chip Lotierzo

Greg "FAILURE" Rizzi

Paul "Dad" Downs

Tom Saville

Thom Roberts

Stewart Shaw

Sheldon Kruger

Scott Carroll

Raymond Ross

Pete Paquette

Paul Diaz

Patrick Puhala

Nick Bruno

Nathan Engelhart

Mike Walling

Melvin Tan

Matt Simmons

Louis Mousseau

Leif Jeffers

Lance Fite

Kyle Mohr

Kent Culotta

Keith Paciello

John Donkin

Joe Antonuccio

Jeff Gabor

Ryan Hobbiebrunken

Hans Dastrup

Garrett Shikuma

David Sloss

Dan Barker

Andy Conroy

Andrew Coats

Adam Green